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Blog Title: What is a Duct-Free Split (DFS) system?

Main Que: What is a Duct-Free Split (DFS) system?

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  • Query By: FLOYD NEWMAN (St Paul, CA)
  • Date: 02/11/2015

Answer: "A Duct-Free Split (DFS) system is simply a reconfiguration of a traditional central air conditioner, consisting of three basic components: An outdoor inverter-driven compressor / condenser unit; One or more indoor evaporator units; A compact conduit for refrigerant piping and wiring connecting the units. This design allows for energy conservation by targeting only those areas that need cooling or heating, a cost effective feature when only certain portions of a home/building are being used. "

  • Replied By: CYNTHIA WALKER (Continental, TX)
  • Replied Date: 02/28/2015